Anthony and Steven

Steven and I met in March of 2011 while he was on spring break visiting his cousin Jason at Lehigh University. Jason and I were both living in the Sig Ep house at the time, and Jay decided to play matchmaker. We hit it off pretty quickly and, after the visit was over, spoke on the phone or Skype pretty much every day for the next several months. Steve was an undergraduate at George Washington University at the time, and eventually stuck around GWU for medical school. During this time we were doing long distance, first while I was finishing grad school in PA, and then after I moved to NYC to start my career.

On September 5, 2015, Steve surprised me with a romantic proposal on the candlelit deck of our family shore house using a beautiful video montage recapping some of the best highlights of our then 5 year relationship. The surprise continued when we came downstairs to find about four dozen family members and close friends waiting to celebrate with us! It was the absolute perfect proposal!

Our wedding was hands down one of the greatest days of our lives thus far! We spent over two years planning which gave us lots of time to get hung up on SO MANY details. We had convinced ourselves of at least 10 different things that would surely go wrong (including the rain that was forecast for the day of!); however, in the end, it was the most beautiful and perfect day. We were surrounded by just under 200 of our most beloved family and friends in a venue that literally took our breath away. With a lot of help from an amazing catering company, a florist that brought our pinterest boards to life, and a band that kept our dance floor PACKED the entire night, we turned our dream of a romantic enchanted forest wedding to life! One of the greatest pleasures since has been seeing the absolutely out of this world photos and videos that our amazing photographers and videographers captured of our big day. It has all been such a dream come true!

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