Bharti Productions: A New Approach To Wedding Films

Why are we on My-Gay-Wedding? Well, although we advertise on WeddingWire, The Knot, Maharani Weddings, we kept seeing that members of the LGBT+ community came to us because we were one of the only companies that were actively promoting that we’re more than happy to work with same-sex couples and that was appalling to us! So, here we are; we’re here to be there on your special day in any way possible and make sure that you’re able to enjoy every moment and relive your wedding time and time again.

Our approach is unique in the sense that we try to be as unobtrusive as possible. We aren’t using any crazy big lights on our cameras, we’re not interviewing all of your guests, and we are most definitely not that paparazzi.

We tell a story with our films and we ensure that each emotional moment is captured in the best way possible.

So if you’re interested in having us be a part of your special day you can contact us at or contact us through the contact for on our website.

Let us know you found us on My-Gay-Wedding and we’ll give you 10% off!

Servicing: Albany, Austin, Boston, Calistoga ,Cape Coral, Charleston, Cleveland, Dallas, Ft.Worth/Dallas,  Davie, Denver, Donegai, Ft.Meyers, Houston, Humble, Jacksonville, KeyWest, Kingwood, Kissimmee, LakeGeorge ,Laurel, Highlands, Lewisville, LosAngeles, MarcoIsland, MerionStation, Miami, Montery, Napa, Naples, NewYork, Norcross, Ocala, Orlando, Philadelphia, Planterville, SanAntonio, Sanford, SantaBarbara, Sarasota ,Saratoga, St.Augustine, St.Louis, Tampa, Trenton, Vail, WashingtonDC, WinterPark

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