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We love travel & philanthropy and found a way to combine it in a stress free way!  How? by combining your everyday travel and your memorable experience with the ability to give back at no extra cost.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s not… when suppliers pay us a commission, we donation a portion of it on your behalf to the 501c3 vetted charities on our website.
Give back while you rejuvenate or just get from point a to b.

Pick your destination and let us do the rest.

Specializing in

Why us?
• Research  –  We research not only the best value for your trip, but also make sure it covers your needs and wants.  This saves you time about 6-8 hour.
• Negotiate  –  when you have a designated group, we help you contract the best rates and make sure are all set.
• Advocate – We are your go to before, during and after your trip.  Should something not go as planned or something else happens, we are here to help you along the way.  You have someone who has your back.  We are not at a call center and certainly not the internet.  We’re here to make sure your trip is spectacular. Your trip is important to us.

Where else can you find a place to book your travel, donate to charity (at no extra cost) and have an advocate for you every step of the way?   #whynotbookhere  #whynotgivehere #travelphilanthropist #travel #destination wedding #honeymoon #LGBTQ


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