Coming Out

“Coming out” is something that LGBTQ couples deal with their entire life.

The question of sexual orientation always comes up when planning a wedding. On average, most couples come in contact with 40+ wedding vendors when planning a wedding, from the jeweler to the venue to transportation, flowers and catering. Conceivably, a couple could have to “come out” more than 100 times to various vendors and/or members of their staff.

At, we want our couples to encounter wedding vendors without any worries. You should never have to have an embarrassing conversation or face humiliation.  We certify that 100% of our vendors will be welcoming to your situation. They understand: love is love.

Once a vendor registers with our site, we review a variety of areas to assure they are welcoming  to LGBTQ couples.  Our staff must approve each vendor before a listing goes live on

If you’re a couple getting ready for your big day, you can relax. Each vendor is ready to accept questions and help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

If you’re a wedding vendor and ready to grow your business and engage with a community that has fabulous and fun weddings, register today to become a -certified wedding vendor.

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