Engagement & Event Location Photographer

I am involved in one of the most exciting professions in the world! It’s a never-ending opportunity to share my vision and my heart with hundreds, if not thousands, of people all over the world. What could be better than that?

I believe in diversification. While we are all concerned with how the viewer perceives our work, if we shoot the same subjects every day, day in and day out, we eventually stop seeing them. Before too long, we end up in a creative rut and our photography suffers. I never want that to happen to me. Consequently, I shoot a diverse range of subjects, from book or CD covers to wildlife and family pets. As artists, we should push the boundaries of our creativity, regardless of what we shoot. If we know our equipment and get to know our subject, we can shoot anything; and do it very well. We can’t stop at what’s obvious, we need to create.
Please vist my web site www.kathleenmessmer.com
Email me kathleen@kathleenmessmer.com

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