Mary Steinbacher Photography..the art of life-Napa,CA

MARY STEINBACHER Photography…the art of life

This was such a perfect day. Everyone was exceedingly happy, the couple was active with all decorations and care for not only each other but their family and friends as well. So many special moments. A favorite would be David’s mother, who loved them both but not together, who at one point in the ceremony burst into tears. I did not know why but I photographed her tears as I thought at the time they were tears of joy.

Actually they were but in a way not known to me at the time. The tears came during a song sung by a mutual friend of the couple. What was so special were the words, the exact biblical words chosen for his mothers wedding celebration many many years earlier. She knew he had no idea of this verse read at her wedding to his father and she was simply taken with the full realization of the love they truly shared. A magical moment.

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