MWM Goldsmithing

Mark William McNown creates one-of-a-kind jewelry art at his studio in North Portland, Oregon.

After completing a B.F.A. in design and metalsmithing at the University of Kansas and ten years of tutelage under German and American master craftsmen, he began applying this expertise to his own exquisite designs in 1995.

Blending fine gems with platinum and high karat gold, McNown’s creations echo the tradition of fine European artisans. His jewelry unites the decorative arts of hand engraving, piercing and filigree as well as pave¢ setting. These techniques make his work distinctive, elegant, and timeless. His works of art are multi-layered and invite close inspection to discover their subtle intricacies.

McNown’s classic style of understated elegance coupled with meticulous execution meld past and present in the art of jewelry making.

In 1995, McNown moved to Portland to open his business, MWM Goldsmithing. He displays his work in Portland, OR at Alchemy Jewelers and in Lawrence, Kansas at Goldmaker’s Jewelry.

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