Photography by Linda

A wedding is full of so many intimate moments and I love that my clients welcome me into this lovely event, like family – allowing me to create timeless, classic imagery – photos that tell unforgettable stories.   I have had the honor of photographing more than 1200 weddings.  To have that many people allow me to tell their story – it’s extraordinary and I am more than grateful.


I am your person if . . . 

You like real moments and real feelings, captured as they unfold.  You love from the heart and believe in kindness and gratitude.  

You are confident that your own feelings, your own style, your joy and your emotions are perfectly perfect (or perfectly imperfect).

You believe in the human side of a moment – not the curated pinterest version.

You are planning your marriage as well as your wedding.

You love everything ocean and seacoast, nature and mountains.

You are a busy, career-oriented, active, fun-loving couple.

Your wedding day is every bit as much about the relationships you share with your friends and family as it is with each other. 


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