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An event that receives raves starts with a bold concept and demands a flawless execution.  Steven Bowles has achieved tremendous success with events and weddings of every description and is one of Naples, Florida’s premier floral, wedding and event designer.Part designer, part manager and coordinator, part mind reader, Steven collects your thoughts, interprets your ideas and implements your vision…with wildly inspired, unexpected and pleasing results. His ability to pull together every aspect of a successful event, mix it up and create a smashing soiree is remarkable.Everyone loves working with Steven as he transforms a seemingly overwhelming task into an exciting, enjoyable project.

My Secret Garden Wedding

Indoors or outdoors, in your home, at your club, or any venue you may choose, Steven will handle any or all aspects of your wedding, providing just the services you need. He has worked within a wide range of budgets and has an uncanny flair for accomplishing the impossible.
Whether the direction is dazzling or understated, edgy or traditional, every Steven Bowles event is one-of-a-kind.

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Table top centerpieces for this magnificent garden themed event.

Phone: 239-304-9063

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